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Your contribution is more effective than imaginable. The price tag for feeding 1000 children for a year in Mindanao; provide startup capital for goats, swine, gardening and cottage industries in all the project areas, and to feed, clothe, and send 300 Payatas children to school for a year; is less than $50,000. Remember, all of your contribution goes directly to the project.

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Bethany Orphanage

Bethany Orphanage.

Bethany orphanage desperately needs your help through donations. The following is an excerpt from their newsletter...please donate.

July 4th is always a special celebration of Philippine/American Friendship Day in the Philippines. For Bethany, it was the day that our dearest "Mom" Louise Lynip passed away. The whole month of July was such a very hard time for all of us at Bethany. On July 20th, we received a 1 month old baby girl which reminded us that Bethany Home will go on and will continue to receive and care for homeless children even after the death of its faithful founder. The past 6 months have been a test of faith for us at Bethany. Much of the previous support has gone away but we have been able to sell some selected mahogany trees and new interest has been generated through the H.E.L.P. Foundation to support our basic needs. As of this time we have a total number of 28 children under our care. We are again going to receive a 1 month old baby boy this week and he will be our Christmas baby! From January to Dec. 6, 2006, we were able to place 10 children for inter-country adoptions, two were placed locally in the Philippines and one baby was reunited to her biological family. We need you to keep praying for us. We need your help monetarily or in kind to support the needs of our children at Bethany. We still have pending bills and are mostly behind in most of our payments like food and electric bills but we trust that the Lord will take care and provide for us. On a brighter note, we are pleased to announce that H.E.L.P. volunteer Jennifer Gillespie from Copeland, KS will join the Bethany staff for three months.

Volunteer from Norway at Bethany

Marcus Knight, a retired musician from the Oslo Philharmonic Symphony, Oslo, Norway, arrived in the Philippines on February 22. He is doing volunteer work at the Bethany Orphanage.

Kansas State Volunteer arrives for three months

Jennifer Gillespie with Keith Hooper's Grandson's
Jennifer Gillespie with Keith Hooper's Grandson's

Jennifer Gillespie, a sophomore from Kansas State University, will join the HELP staff for three months as a volunteer She will be working at Bethany Christian Home for Children. She is an excellent photographer and will also assist in public relations.